Friday, May 27, 2011


So, my very first blog discovery was way back in 2008. And (absolutely beautiful things) has been a source of admiration and decorating ideas since then. Designer Anna Spiro from Brisbane, Australia interjects color into everything! And she loves blue and white china, fresh flowers and creates the most eye catching "tablescapes". Enjoy these lovely snap shots from her blog. I have to keep reminding myself that interior spaces can look this great! It’s possible people! But it’s going to take some more hard work and time. We’re still sifting through our boxes, sigh….but hopefully soon I will start to feel things coming together! These images sure help me want to get things done. Hope you like them!

Keep in mind, this is a small sample of her work. Her range is quite something. She manages though, no matter how vintage, modern, traditional, or contemporary she goes to keep her trademarks present. I would love to go to Australia and check out her store. Actually, I’d love to go to Australia for a zillion reasons, her shop would just be a sweet bonus.
And I just don’t know how she keeps her table tops to stay so clutter free?! This will be a challenge for me and Jay. Especially for Jay, who loves to put everything from within his pockets on top of dressers, coffee tables, and end tables…tricky.

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