Friday, June 3, 2011

From Jay

We have been on the move! Last weekend, we had a chance to visit with Gudrun's extended family down in Charlotte, NC. The weekend was highlighted with Gudrun doing some very entertaining Karaoke!  And since it was a long weekend, we got back Sunday and we had an extra day to start work on the condo again. Our project for the day was our bedroom closets. The bedroom has 2 closets and each closet also has double doors. These doors were annoying. If we were both using the closet or if we left the door open we'd bump into the doors or eachother. And the doors were large and when opened, they took up a lot of space in our room. So we chose to take the doors off and add curtains.  This makes the closets more functional for the space and adds another element of style to the room.  Here are the before and after pictures below:

 We still need to paint the molding where the door hinges use to be. You can kinda see that in this picture. We also need to find a place to store the doors, so we can put them back on if we ever decide to sell the place...right now they are in the guest room just leaning against wall.

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