Thursday, May 19, 2011

If you could be best friends with anyone in Hollywood?

Who would you pick? I would pick, Julia Roberts.
Reasons why – First off, she is my style icon (besides Kate Middleton). I love her bohemian, elegant, Ralph Lauren thing she has going on. She always seems classic without seeming frumpy. And she always has something that looks individual and timeless. She has made black and statement earrings, an easy, elegant, and stylish statement! Love her clothes and style!
Second, her movies are awesome. Love her range and I think her humor and dramatic acting skills combine in an awesome way. Thirdly, she has played an art historian in multiple movies: Mona Lisa Smile and Ocean’s 11. She played an artist in Closer,  Runaway Bride, and Stepmom. I think she has an interest in the arts and that’s why I’m sure we’d be friends. And if you didn't know, in my previous life I was an art historian. Now I'm an Attorney Development Guru with Fine art on my walls and dreams of a second career. Who saw that coming?!
And she also seems to try to live a semi-normal life. She’s not perfect and often doesn’t seem to try, which, I also appreciate, because I'm far from perfect.
I just think she’s cool.

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