Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So work in the condo has been slow but steady. We still have a ton of things in boxes and we still have a long way to go. We're getting a little bit done at time. It’s been tough. We haven’t had a weekend home together since we moved and won’t have one until after June! We are out of town every weekend in May and have booked weekends in June! Which is so fun, but our poor home. It just keeps getting pushed to the side because we can’t find time to get things together! Hopefully soon. But like I said, despite our time crunch we are making slow and steady progress.

One thing we have managed to tackle are the curtains. A slight necessity since our place gets a lot of natural light. Yay, natural light! We got our curtains at IKEA. After shopping around I found that for style and price, the IKEA ones were a pretty sweet deal. And through these IKEA curtains I have also learned about the wonder of iron on hemming. Quite spiffy. Here’s what’s up in our bedroom:
Since our bedroom wall is a light grey/blue color and our bedroom gets the most light of any room in the house, we needed something dark to help control the light in the morning. We went with this dark navy blue, velvet-like curtain. It adds a nice texture to the room while also blocking out the sun. The blue curtain also looks great against our freshly painted walls. Also, in our bedroom we are going to put these curtains up:
We have two sets of double doors against one wall for our closets. Double closets! Which works out nicely for Jay and me. We eventually want to take the doors off and put the curtains pictured above on the inside of the frame. It will save us some space in our room. The doors are big and swing far into the room, making things around the closet a bit cumbersome. I took this idea from the husband and wife team at In a recent post they talked about replacing their bedroom closet door with curtains. Below is a picture of what they did and what I am using as inspiration for our bedroom doors:
And lastly, our living room curtains. Since our carpet is ivory, our new rug (which turned out great in our space!) is a light sage green, and our walls are a light yellow, we decided to go with something light and natural. Plus we like all the light coming into the living room so we didn’t want to get anything too heavy. We bought a double hardware piece so we could layer some curtains:
Then we got these two curtains and put the lighter one on the bottom:
Hopefully soon I can get some pictures up of our actual place. We are still waiting on cable and internet to get installed. Which happens on Friday! Whoop. And once that happens, it will be easier to post pictures we take. So look out! ;)

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  1. Love the curtains! I can picture the navy ones in the bedrooms and am excited to see actual photos! The leaf ones are so cute and look very 'Gudrun'