Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, last night we went by Jay’s brother’s place to borrow a power tool. Running errands like this have become the norm lately. But our evening of progress in the condo got derailed.

Jay’s brother and his bother's fiancé live right around the corner from this great little Scandinavian restaurant called Domku. So Jay and I decided to take advantage of being in the neighborhood and stop in for a drink. Well, one drink turned into two and eventually turned into dinner. Our plan of going home and unpacking got pushed to another night; but that’s OK because we had a great dinner and an impromptu date! I had the Domku Cosmopolitan and Jay had a beer that I couldn’t pronounce the name of. After that we decided to split a dinner entrée. We ordered the lamb with carrots and potatoes. Yummm! ( and thanks to Dan Quayle, whenever I write the word potato, I always become very nervous that I may have spelled it incorrectly. I spelled it right, right?) The lamb was so tender and the veggies were so simple and delicious. Cooked to perfection.  After dinner, as we were waiting for the check we got to meet the owner and head chef. After cooking everyone’s dinner, she came to hang out behind the bar and enjoy a little beer. Jay and I happen to be sitting at the bar, so we were able to have a little chat with her. She was very nice and talkative about her food. The atmosphere is nice too. The restaurant is very chill and very Scandinavian. Think IKEA, sort of, but with a mix of country shabby chic and modern art.  All in all, a nice little evening.

Here’s the link to the restaurant’s home page:


  1. I love impromptu dates! Unfortunately with my crazy April we were doing that too much... now I'm looking forward to cooking at home more! Domku sounds yummy!

  2. yeah - with the move we have been eating out a lot, i'm looking forward to more home cooking too! but i love eating out, so i can't complain too much!

  3. This place looks so cute!! We'll have to do a double date there when everything slows down!