Sunday, May 8, 2011

From Jay - the Man Den.

So, I made a rush decision about two weeks ago and decided to buy a couch from Crate and Barrell Outlet. Gudrun and I had discovered it together one Sunday. This couch was one of the most comfortable couches I had ever sat in. I was sold. Gudrun loved sitting in it too, but wasn't crazy about the color.  It's a dark brown sleeper sofa with really soft squishy pillows. I could imagine taking a nap on this couch or lying on it to read a book.  Gudrun has put her flavor into our new home in alot of areas already so I'm trying to create what I can. I'm creating what is often called a "den" in the man world. Otherwise known as the: the Man cave. Women can have spots of their own too, but men have kinda claimed the "mancave" in a way that surpasses any other type of room. This awesome couch was my chance to put something down in the guest room I loved. So, I jumped on the couch and bought it for a great deal.  By the way, this couch was almost 50% off the original price at the Crate and Barrel outlet. So on moving day, my brother and I moved this couch into the condo.  There was only one problem. It wasn't fitting through the doorway into the guest bedroom!!  I measured the couch to make sure it would fit in the room itself but didn't think about the entery way and getting the couch into the room. So I had some frustrating times with this, especially since Gudrun didn't like the idea of this couch in living room or in any room really but the guest room. So I started thinking outside the box and I was able to move the couch in vertically which took very little effort. But I was succesful after many other creative attempts to get the couch in there. First I had tried to get it in horizotally by unscrewing the feet. Which didn't work. But after all my attempts, finally I have the couch in place and can start my path to creating the perfect den.

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  1. That couch definitely looks comfy and good job on maneuvering it into the room, Jay! You are a rockstar!!