Monday, May 16, 2011


Facebook-  to share or not to share, that is question. Lately, I’m leaning more towards the not share, but there are days where I am overjoyed or excited and can’t seem to help myself. I also like the idea that my friends can keep up to date with what’s happening. It’s really hard to keep up with my some of my friends and I love that I can let them know what’s up with a quick post or photo and vice versa. But I always meet people or have conservations with people who are very annoyed or irritated at what one of their “friends” have posted. I don’t want to be one these people.  So I’ve cut back my list of friends and really try to limit the emotional gushing or blathering about being happy. But honestly, I’m a sentimental, emotional gusher in real life and I am a happy. So what’s the big deal? Are those people who complain about people posting happy things just not happy themselves? Or is it me? Should I be content to be happy and not say anything? So I find myself in a debate when I’m about to post something. And I always ask myself before the post, is this too much? So, I generally don’t post that much anymore. Leaning on the safer side as to avoid a social network faux pas. So I started this blog, in hopes that the people who read this are true friends and won’t find my sharing annoying. At least a blog you can choose to read. If you don't like, don't read it. This won’t be published in your news feed. Newsflash: you don’t have to read this if you don’t want too, but I hope that you do!
What do you think? To share or not to share?


  1. Facebook is tough... sometimes posts can go overboard (it cracks me up when I see someone write 'Goodnight facebook' or something similar). But I also think it's ridiculous for someone to be annoyed reading happy comments, some people just feel the need to be constantly negative and drag people down with them. Personally I love reading your happy comments & posts and find it refreshing! Keep 'em coming :)

  2. I think more people should post happier FB status updates. If anything, I get sick of reading mopey-dopey-woo-is-me updates. I actually took a FB hiatus b/c I saw that it was becoming an outlet for my negative feelings and I didnt like putting that out into the world. So now I try to stick to happy, thankful, funny, or randomness, lol!!

  3. Youre in the midst of a super fantastic time in your life. If you want to shout it out from the nearest roof top, or at least through FB, well more power to you!! ;)