Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happiness Is...

A plain ole Wednesday in our new neighborhood. We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant that’s a 5 minute walk from our house. Yay, for convenient Chinese food! My favorite.
The weather was perfect. And after dinner we took a stroll down King street, window shopped, and walked down to the water. And Jay enjoyed a cigar on our stroll. Usually a habit I find 'smelly and unappealing', but when he does it, it makes me happy. Maybe because I know he enjoys it and he is relaxed.
We love our new neighborhood. It's so charming and we can walk to so many places. Whoop.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hootie Sighting

Just saw “Hootie” used in a wedding in Palm Springs on this blog…remember the little $9 owl I bought from West Elm? Well, here he is as a wedding guest. Funny, huh?!

He’s a little hard to see, but you can still tell it's him.
And here is the bride and groom that wanted "Hootie" to be part of their day...cute.

In 20 hours...

Or 5 am tomorrow morning we’re on a plane to…
 Both Jay and my first time there. Pretty excited. We get to see houses that look this...
Spend time surronded by this...
Drink some of this…
And watch Joe and Luci do this...
I don’t know who these people are, but they look happy and got married on the beach in Nantucket. Seems fitting, for happy Joe and Luci, getting hitched in Nantucket! Can't wait! I can feel the good vibes already. XO!

Monday, June 20, 2011

What a talent!

It was inspiring to be at the US Open. Rory McIlroy is seriously phenomenal. Watching him, and the other golfers makes me wish that I was really great at something.  Wow. I also loved all the GOLF stuff. The shirts, the hats, the shoes, the bags. Maybe it’s just accoutrements I love, but I love all the stuff that surrounds the sport. Country clubs and straw hats aren’t bad either. At the “Merchandise Pavilion”, which was as large as a Target, Jay and I got this poster. The sweet thing was that when we got there the artist was signing the posters. Lee Wybranski signed ours and said “To Jay and Gudrun, enjoy the open!”. Excited about our memorabilia. We also got some hats.
We also got our picture taken with the US Open Trophy in the Lexus tent. We actually got two pictures taken, but the Lexus website isn’t letting me download the second one. And naturally, I like the second better! Ugh, super frustrating. As vindication, I’ve decided not  to buy a Lexus. See what you did Lexus. Lost a customer, after all that advertising. Too bad. You’ll miss me and my  $20 bucks. But if I do somehow get a hold of the second photo, you know I’ll post it! And then maybe I'll rethink my opinion of Lexus... :)
And later, the trophy celebrated with Rory McIlroy. You can tell he’s Irish. And 22. He tweeted this photo later in the night after his victory. McIlroy strikes me as a super talented, really genuine person. And totally not afraid of who he is. Looking forward to watching his career. Hopefully he doesn’t end up like Tiger. Tiger is so disappointing. I’ll cross my fingers that Rory can stay grounded.
What a great day. So grateful I got to go.
Congrats, Rory! We had a wonderful time watching you dominate!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Buy?

I got taken away with something whimsical. Who knows why I couldn't stop thinking about this cute little owl for 2 days. So, I just bought it. I got him for $9 bucks at West Elm. Plus free shipping. Love the little guy already. Will keep you posted on his name. I know  you'll be anxious. But I'm thinking....Hootie?
I also got this square soap dish. $6 bucks.
And this zigzag cup for our toothbrushes. $8 bucks. 
And free shipping for everything.
 I'll say "Good Buys". No buyer's remorse here. 
 Can't wait for the mailman to bring Hootie.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Door Knob Heaven

Seriously. Door Knob Christmas. Anthropology. They have so many to choose from!!!!! Whoah.

Any favorites? Feel free to browse their selection and send me opinions! J

Bathroom Update

We successfully painted the bathroom! Phew. One more thing off the to-do list. However, the to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking. Anyway, we painted the walls a light mint green. And we also had to repaint the ceiling. The entire bathroom, ceiling included, was painted a pink/flesh color. Gross. So the ceiling is a now a normal white and the walls are minty fresh. I'll update with photos of the actual bathroom soon. But for now, here's the color we used:
We also replaced the mirror in the bathroom. The old mirror covered the entire wall above the sink. Wall to wall. Ceiling to sink. It was a bit much. We bought a black framed mirror at Target. Pretty basic. I do wish it was a bit larger….I think I’ll keep my eye open for another mirror; although the one we have now works. Here it is, but we turned it the other way so it covers more of the wall:
After this purchase, a theme began to form: mint green, black and white. Since the mint green is so light and is quite a statement on its own, we are going to do black and white accessories to let the walls speak for themselves. After endlessly searching the internet for cute hand towels, I finally found sound some at Pottery Barn Teen (is it strange I like these off a teen website?). There are some seriously awful hand towels out there. So here they are, we ordered the black and white ones:
And we needed to find some extra storage in the bathroom. Our counter top has one sink but is a large enough counter space for two. Where you would think the second sink would be there is just empty counter space. Below that part of the counter there is a hole. No cabinet, no nothing. It’s just empty space. So we got this basket with a sweet gift card from our friends Joan & Artie from the container store:
We’ve decided that’s where we’ll keep our extra towels. I’ve been rolling the towels and it looks quite cute! But all the photos off google images won't give you the best picture. It just gives you an idea. Like I said, I'll get some real photos up soon...some awesome before and after pics. Whoop.

PS -
I've spoted these door knobs at World Market. We're thinking of painting our cabinet(s) white in the bathroom. Currently they're just wood looking. And I was thinking of adding these cute knobs...what do you think? (there's a little mint green on the knob, hard to see in the above photo). Or do you like these better?
Hmmm. Or neither? Decisions, decisions.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just want to share...

I would like to live in the dream they’re apparently in….and have I mentioned I think Jay looks like Prince William? Is it just me?

Jay's Birthday

It was Jay’s birthday yesterday. And I was excited, more excited than Jay I think. I also kept thinking at Jay’s next birthday we’ll be married. This thought is very special and will only last for the next 10 months or so. Then we’ll be married…until death do us part! So these next months are going to be interesting, especially for me, because like I said, I’m sentimental. So I’m taking in everything and just trying to enjoy myself and savor this time. I know it won’t last and that we can’t keep up this pace of activity and excitement forever. So I’m just going to soak it all in and look forward to the many memories that will come from this year! Happy Birthday Jay!

To celebrate, I took Jay to dinner at Buddah Bar.   

And I got to play with my new iphone camera.
And I took an artsy shot of the bar
And here's a shot from last weekend, taken with my mom's new phone.
We both upgraded!
Jay 5 days from his birthday...can't you see his excitment?! I love this picture.

Friday, June 3, 2011

From Jay

We have been on the move! Last weekend, we had a chance to visit with Gudrun's extended family down in Charlotte, NC. The weekend was highlighted with Gudrun doing some very entertaining Karaoke!  And since it was a long weekend, we got back Sunday and we had an extra day to start work on the condo again. Our project for the day was our bedroom closets. The bedroom has 2 closets and each closet also has double doors. These doors were annoying. If we were both using the closet or if we left the door open we'd bump into the doors or eachother. And the doors were large and when opened, they took up a lot of space in our room. So we chose to take the doors off and add curtains.  This makes the closets more functional for the space and adds another element of style to the room.  Here are the before and after pictures below:

 We still need to paint the molding where the door hinges use to be. You can kinda see that in this picture. We also need to find a place to store the doors, so we can put them back on if we ever decide to sell the place...right now they are in the guest room just leaning against wall.