Thursday, May 19, 2011

In 21 hours....

Jay and I are getting on a plane to head to Florida, to celebrate Joan and Artie’s wedding! Seriously can’t wait. I’ve got my outfits all planed, Jay got an awsome new tie, and we have our flip flops and sun tan lotion packed! Jay and I are going to look just like these awesome people:
Just picture our heads in that photo. I can’t wait to run around on the beach with a champagne bottle! And Joan and Artie are going to be like these people! Blissfully happy and hopefully relaxed and overjoyed after they tie the knot! Joan is going to be a beautiful bride and Artie is going to look dapper in his tux, I just know it! Whoooop!
And if it could get any better than an awesome wedding and reception, we even get to go to Disney World after that. All I can say is: Watch out Mickey. Jay and Gudrun are coming your way!

This is a shot of Mickey when he heard we were coming. He’s overwhelmed with shock and excitement (and maybe a little nervous)! We can’t wait to get the long weekend started!!!

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