Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Saturday morning we departed for IKEA with the goal of purchasing an entertainment center. And I’m happy to say we were successful! We knew well and good that the boxes for this monster piece of furniture would not fit into Jay’s car, so we preemptively  rented a U-haul to bring home our purchase.
While we were there, we also found another shelving unit, which we plan to use as a buffet. Here are some pics of the piece we bought and how others have used it. We got the black one. This will be some inspiration for me on how to use it:

And here are the pics of the process(we’re a little further along, but I haven’t snapped pics of exactly where we left off, but you can get an idea):

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you just went to IKEA, bought the furniture and then put it in your house and the job was done?! That would just be too easy. We spent 6, painful hours Saturday night putting our 5 pieces furniture together. Our knees and backs were sore from all the time spent on the floor working on our furniture. But anything worth having is hard work, right? There were a million parts for each piece and they all looked the same. And the directions, all though they ended up getting the job done, were like reading hieroglyphics.

Seriously, the instructions at times were ridiculous. My one suggestion to IKEA is that they should label or better indentify the wood pieces. The only way to currently indentify one piece of wood from another is the number of screw holes on each piece. And with each piece having somewhere between 8-15 screw holes it was frustrating figuring out which piece went where. Of course, sometimes it obvious what went where, but there was some head scratching and four letter words used and we even had to start over one or two times on certain steps…uff da!
Ha! This cartoon is funny, because it's true.

Anywho, long story short: here’s where we currently are. We have constructed every piece! Two bookcases, one TV stand, a bridge unit that goes between the bookshelves, and above the TV stand, and our extra shelving unit. Phew. BUT we still have to secure the book shelves and the floating bridge unit to the wall. Sound simple? Well, it’s not. Here’s the problem and if  you read this and know what we need to do, please, let me know! We have crown molding along the floor. Attaching the book cases, etc. to the wall will be tricky because the back of the book case is not straight on the wall - it sticks out a little due to the crown molding. Ya’ll understand what’s happening here? So basically the screw from the back of the bookcase would go into the wall but would have an inch or so before it went through the wall. And we have dry wall, so we’re concerned whatever screw we put into the wall has the chance of coming out and pulling the dry wall with it.  But once we figure this little problem out, we’ll be done! And I can’t wait.


  1. Awesome! I love the buffet!
    I'd suggest using a little spacer board behind where you're mounting the unit to the wall... small piece of plywood/scrapwood, just enough to get the unit away from the wall as much as the baseboard. You could even paint it to match the wall if you're worried about it being seen. This may help with the screws in the drywall, or you could use screw anchors (little plastic pieces that you hammer into a pre-drilled hole in the drywall to give the screw something to hold on to).

    Does that help?!

  2. It does help, we got some of those screw anchors thinking those might work. Glad to know someone else thinks they'll work...so we'll keep ya posted on how it works!