Sunday, May 1, 2011

From Jay

Thank you everyone who decided to check out my guest blog! Today was moving day and it actually wasn't too bad. Well we've actually been moving for weeks, but the big truck is here and so now the big items are getting moved. My brother and I started moving around 9am and finished up around 2pm. My brother really came through for me, helping me with some of the bigger pieces of furniture that needed to be moved into the condo.  I didn’t want to just provide an update to how my moving day was going so I am moving on to a few notes about Gudrun and the new condo. This whole process of moving and renovating has been a lot of work  and Gudrun has been dealing with the stress in such a positive way.  In less than a month we have gotten engaged, bought a condo, repainted the condo every night for four weeks, put down new carpet, moved everything from our past places of living, and not to mention both Gudrun and I have started new jobs within the last couple of months.  That can give you some heartburn, stress, pain, and whatever other negative feelings you can imagine. We went through/are going through a lot of big life changing things at once.  Gudrun has been there with me to take on these amazing changes. So Will and Kate may have a fairy tale that was created for them, but I am feeling pretty lucky being able to have a girl who has gone through these huge, amazing life changes with me and has such a great attitude about it.  Thanks Gudrun, I love you.



  1. Jay you are soooo sweet!!! I'm glad to hear the move went well! We can't wait to see everything all set up!!

  2. I better see you and Gudrun drive off in a carrage after you get married!
    Uncle Ed