Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Review

So after not having stepped foot into a movie theater in forever, I got see two movies this weekend. The first was “Something Borrowed”.  A great girl’s night movie. No real surprises here. It's a typical romantic comedy.
After the movie, us girls went to Zola for some drinks and nibbles. During a catch up session, someone exciting walked into the restaurant. One of my mom’s favorite people, Anne Coulter. I told the girls how excited my mom would be and that I had to get an autograph. My friends are great and despite our political differences managed to allow my excitement and even helped me get a photo and an autograph for my mom! Perfect timing for Mother's Day. It was a fun filled girl’s night!
Then, Sunday after Jay returned from a bachelor party we meet up with the groom himself and one of his groomsmen to check out Thor. The guys were pretty tired from the night before so sitting in a dark theater at 3:00 in the afternoon was the perfect activity. Thor was great. I was entertained and was pleased that the actors didn’t take themselves too seriously in the movie. I, of course, also loved all the Norwegian undertones. All in all a pretty good movie.
I also managed to take a nap this weekend, unpack a little more and spend some QT with Jay. Pretty sweet weekend line up. We also hit some golf balls Saturday afternoon before Jay left for the casino in West Virginia. Glad I was able to take a break from all the house stuff. But I can’t break for too long, there are still boxes to unpack, walls to paint, and things to organize. Hopefully this will be a productive week. I'm feeling rested and ready to go.

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  1. I love the picture of you and Anne and it was definitely a very fun girls night out!!! xoxo