Monday, May 2, 2011

Paint and Carpet. Oh, the excitement.

OK – No more wedding talk or posts about Jay and me. I know that gets old! But please bare with us as our new status of engaged sinks in. I’ll try to contain myself. Promise.

Anywho, as Jay mentioned, we’ve been busy! Here are some of the updates. The painting in the living room, bedroom, guest room, entry hall and hallways are done! Here is our color scheme:

Living Room: Provence Creme                                    Bedroom: Misty Surf

Bathroom: White Willow                                             Entry Hall: Manhattan Mist
Guest Room: Downy

Also, the carpet is down. I repeat, the carpet is down. We got a stellar deal on some quality carpet. We selected a pin dot carpet in an ivory color. It looks awesome! Directly below, is a close up of the “pin dot” style. I couldn’t find an image with the color “ivory”, but this will give you an idea of the style and texture. 
Living Room
The Carpet Guys!
Jay took the day off work to get the carpet installed and apparently became friends with the guys. Friends enough, to ask for the their picture! LOL. I’ll also add, we have all these shots, thanks to Jay. Who must have been bored while they laid the carpet down and decided to play with his camera phone while they worked.

That's all folks for the carpet and paint. Next up, see what we did with these ugly doors!

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  1. Great color scheme! Also looks like you guys have some really good outdoor space to work with, too! :)