Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kind of excited

I love stripes! Lately, I’ve been all into the trend of stripped tops. They seem so classic yet fashionable. And they’re so easy for me to wear. I love them. And my obsession was confirmed last night when I bought this dress at Banana Republic….
Love it. I don’t however love the model’s shoes in this picture. I'm going to wear flats or healed nude sandals and some chunky gold stud earrings. That's my plan anyway. And I feel like I can wear this dress all the time. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, adds style without being too difficult. What do you think? Do you like stripped tops? I know some people can’t do stripes. Somehow I'm in the category of people who can pull it off; or at least I hope so! Someone tell me if stripes look awful on me! Ha.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE stripes and this dress is super cute!! Can't wait to see you rock it! Sorry I'm so behind on your posts! :-S