Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cross one off, add another to the To-Do list

We installed a new light fixture in our bathroom this weekend. It may not have been rocket science but we felt pretty good about not electrocuting ourselves or burning down the house. The light fixture that came with the house was in need of serious replacement. We got a pretty basic one at Home Depot and it's so much better than the old one. Now the light fixture is fixed (hooray!) and technically the work in the bathroom is done; we're thinking of repainting the bathroom. Sounds like a nightmare, but now it's on my mind and probably will bother me until I just decide to fix it one weekend. So don’t be surprised when I start looking at paint chips again. We love every wall color in our house except the bathroom. I can clearly remember when we were trying to pick out the color for this room. We had bought like 5 or 6 samples of all different shades of green and nothing was hitting the spot. Someone began to get impatient and said we couldn’t buy anymore samples and that one of the colors just had to be right. So we picked one out of frustration. Never a good idea. We had been painting for weeks at this point, and another trip to Home Depot seemed like going to the dentist. We like the color, we just don't love it. It's lighter than the sample looked and we're just not in love with it. So although we crossed one thing of the to-do list this weekend we probably added another also. This seems to be the way our to-do list works.

Here’s a photomontage of the step by step process we took to get the light replaced.
The old light.

At this point, I began to get a little concerned we may have bitten off more than we could chew. I began to think of where the phone book was and whether electricians worked on the weekends.
But we got all those wires sorted out.
And then the whole light was off the wall.
And then, bam, we put the new one up. I didn’t get any photos of the process getting the new up because getting all the wires connected needed my and Jay's undivided attention.
And that was it. It took us 3 hours, including one trip to the hardware store because our new light was missing the little bag of screws and such that was supposed to be included.
So there you have it!

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