Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Scandinavian

If you know me, you know I love anything and everything Norwegian. It's a little out of control and a little endearing. I even go as far as to love all things Scandinavian, which just basically includes the lesser surrounding countries (like Sweden) that are around Norway. If your name is Gudrun, and you’re born to a father who is 100% Norwegian, and raised in a family where Norwegian culture, jokes, foods, and decorative items are in endless supply, well you pretty much come out like me. We also make viking boats out of watermelons and have been known to wear viking helmets in photos. So, loving everything about Norway is only natural, right? Anywho, so when I saw a link on another blog I follow that was called “” well, I had to click right on over and

This store sells furniture, accessories, textiles, lights, etc.

In the about us section, I learned the owner of the store “comes from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and has a Master of Arts Degree in Art History. After decades of extra studying she decided it was time to do something useful in life and decided to bring Scandinavian design to NYC.” Art Historians are awesome and I think they make wonderful interior designers. I know many that have made the jump. It still breaks my heart thinking about letting my art history go. But I'm Ok people, c'est la vie. And who knows what the future holds!

But I digress. Back to my point, there was some awesome fabric on this website. Maybe not quite our style, but awesome none the less. And I can see serious Art in the fabric which demonstrates the eye and the knowledge that this store owner posses. I’m thinking these farbics look like happy, modern versions of Hieronymus Bosch paintings. The plants look like ones he would use. Anyone still with me here?

Cool, right?

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  1. Well here is your inspiration for a window treatment in the guest room! We'll need to look for a different source for the fabric though, since all of them are 270 per yard!