Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's on my mind? Bookshelves.

I found this blog (  just as I was looking for book shelf inspiration. And there is a great post about "Book Shelf Styling". Sweet. And by the way, my usual research method usually includes one of these three things:

 1. Google image searches. I just type in the word or phrase or anything really related to what I'm looking for and I usually can get a pretty good picture.
2. Obviously, I get a lot of inspiration from blogs. Check the blogs on my sidebar to see which ones I follow regularly. And there are probably a ton more blogs out there with great things, I just haven’t found them; yet…
3. Magazines. Traditional Home mostly. Mostly, because that’s the only one I have a subscription to. I love others but rarely feel like paying $5 bucks for a magazine. Sometimes I do and then feel like I was robbed.

Here are some of the inspiration pictures from her post, I’m just copying and pasting these from her blog. In the blog world, I hope this is an OK practice. I have no idea. But I am referencing her blog and making it obvious I only found these images through her. So hopefully that's cool. Not that she would read my blog anyway, but you know what I mean. I'm babbling. So without further ado, here are the great inspiration images! Woo, I’m seeing tons of ideas in these pictures! Yee-haaaaw.
Aren’t these awesome?! We’ll see if I can get our shelves to look as chic as these shelves. They are so pretty! I’m gonna go with the power of positive thinking here, and say, our shelves are gonna be great!!! ;)

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