Friday, July 15, 2011


So I have posted this room before as one of my favorites for inspiration. I blogged about it here! I just love everything about it:
And today, I found the owner of the room. Look! It’s totally that room being lived in! With a dog! And the owner has a blog. Sweet! Even crazier, she lives in Raleigh, NC. And she has a store in Raleigh called Furbish Studio. Totally checking it out next time I'm home.  She's descirbed as having" a rare combination of good taste and accesibility that could only be born in the south"! It's a small world. 
Just thought I would share. This is cool. Maybe I'll pick up some useful tips from her blog. And maybe if I visit her store I could chat with her and try not to look like a total stalker. And also, apparently, her room always looks this good.

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