Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Time Has Come

Jay and I have reached a point where a shared a calendar is necessary. We are having trouble keeping up with each other’s schedules. Sometimes, we can’t even seem to keep up with all the conversations we need to have.  So, time for a cool kitchen calendar! I’m hoping this calendar will be a place where we can keep lists, dates, occasions, and invitations. I’ve found this calendar on Etsy. This seems to fit the bill. It’s a functional calendar. And bonus, it has a paisley patterned cork board at the top for invitations or photos. I love paisley patterns. And the price is pretty good. $60 bucks. Not bad but not cheap…and cheap is usually better. And, will this fit on the wall we have available in the kitchen? Hmmm.

Or this one. Also an Etsy find. This one is cheaper ($25), smaller, and lacking the cork board but it is magnetic. We can also get our names customized on it. I can see "Jay & Gudrun" fitting nicely along the top! Or we could wait until we're married and get "The Ellsworths" on top, but we'd have to await awhile to do that. Decisions, decisions.
Even cheaper, at the Container store. They have this $11.99 magnetic, dry erase calendar. Another one to ponder. And should we get the lavendar or the lime?
And back to Etsy. This one seems pretty cool. The Calendar is under glass, so you’re writing on the glass as if it were a dry erase board. This one is $30 and seems pretty charming. There are so many choices!
They also have it in turquoise...
Just from beginning my search, I’m getting the feeling there are a million varieties out there. Anyone like any of these? Anyone know where I should look for a functional yet stylish kitchen calendar? I'm going to keep browsing. I'll let you know where we end up!


  1. I think the first looks the most 'Gudrun' (and the paisley would look nice behind a paisley invitation you'll likely be receiving...) Could you thrift a frame, paint it, find some cool cheap fabric & bulletin board, and DIY the same thing using the Container Store version?!

  2. Lol! I thought about DIYing something, but I think that would take too much time. But maybe if I get inspired this weekend that could be done! Oh, a paisley invitation...can't wait! I love good mail!

  3. I totally agree that the first one is the most you. The only thing is that the squares look pretty small so I'm not sure how much you could fit in there. I love the DIY idea too! My second favorite is the glass one with the yellow frame.

  4. I agree, I do like the first one! We'll see what I get or if I get inspired to make one...

  5. Yep first is best. You could also DIY just a cool cork board and buy a pretty calendar to tack up on it.