Friday, July 29, 2011's Friday

Let’s go with a solid cliché here. TGIF! This has been a long, challenging week. Not a Silver Lining, so I won’t go into to the details. This picture pretty much sums up my feelings today. I feel like a cross-eyed baby.

Onto some positive notes. This weekend we don’t have any plans! I am so excited about this. I think I am just now recovering from last weekend and the whirlwind bachelorette party in Chicago. What a weekend that was! Memorable and awesome. But now, I’m ready for some R&R. Jay and I plan to spend a lot of time at home this weekend. And we’re talking about dinner and a movie on Saturday. A pretty typical date, but we haven’t had a typical date, pretty much all summer. So here we go, the movie choices. This cracks me up. I want to see Midnight in Paris.  
Jay wants to see Cowboys & Aliens. Hmmmm, I wonder how this is going to go down.
This is an age old dilemma. I think we may have to flip a coin. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing his choice. I mean who doesn't like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig? I can gaurantee we can agree on a restaurant though. We never have problems with that.

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