Monday, July 25, 2011


I’ve always loved music and singing in the car. So I think it’s only natural that the Karaoke bar has become one of my favorite places to go for a good time on a Saturday night. I think the main reason I love karaoke bars so much is basically because, the karaoke bar is just like singing in my car; only better because they serve drinks and instead of the people beside you giving you looks, the people beside you give you a high five and sing along!

This past weekend, at my college roommate’s bachelorette party in Chicago, we ventured out to the Blue Frog. The Blue Frog was nothing short of phenomenal. Far more incriminating photos were taken, but for the sake of everyone involved here are the ones that won't get anyone in trouble! ;)
The Blue Frog is one of those great dive bars. Not a single soul in this bar was close to sober. Not one person. Which made for great Karaoke. And every person was singing every song at the top of their lungs whether they had the mic or not. And it didn't matter if you were on key, sounded great, or even knew all the words. It was amazing. The whole bar was united. Everyone was enthusiastic. The 4 bridesmaids and the soon-to-be bride were having a blast.  
And Dorothy is also a bit of a talent. She killed some Karaoke. I cannot sing, but I love it and did it anyway. 


  1. Love it! You know there's a karaoke bar in Old Town? I think it's called Rock & Roll Grill or something. We'll have to check it out - I would just LOVE to see you belting it out!! :)

  2. Ha! Someone once told me, "the key to karaoke is to do anywhere but you're own neighborhood". You're much more free around strangers. But I'm not sure, I think I could make a fool of myself pretty much anywhere....I think that place is called "Rock it Grill". We'll have to give it a whirl.