Monday, July 11, 2011

One Kings Lane

This is a website that offers daily discounts on furniture, accessories, art and lots of stuff. I just found a great deal on an entry hall table. I’ve been knee deep in internet research for months. All the tables start at $200 then you have to pay shipping costs, which would make the whole thing like $300. Not cool. So today, finally, a great deal pops up! This table, is $99 marked down from $195. And the shipping is $8 bucks! So I jumped on it and bought it before it was sold out. That’s one thing to be careful with on this site and other’s like it. If you see something you like, you better buy it because there are limited quantities and will sell out in a matter of hours. A good selling strategy for the site I’m sure.

And, yay! Finally, we won’t walk into our empty hall way anymore. Literally there’s not one thing in there right now, besides our shoes. We’ve gotten in the habit of taking off our shoes in the entry hall mostly because our new white carpet looks so fresh and we’d like to keep it that way. And here are a couple images I’ll use as inspiration for when the table is delivered and it’s time to put that room together.
I wish our entry would like this...
but this seems a little too much to hope for...
but mayby not...
This is pretty charming too.
But we don't have half this space.
I like the umbrella stand and the blue & white china
We'll see where we end up! And I'll keep you updated. It looks like the table will be delivered between July 27-August 8. So, I've got some time to think about it. It's a small space. Looking for a great piece of (cheap) art. Anybody have suggestions?!


  1. I recommend a piece of artwork done by either Kate or John Jorgenson :P

  2. Well I was gonna suggest an Etsy search, but I like Alexandra's idea much better!