Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Jay and I are off to Sonoma, California!
We are going to celebrate Jay’s good friend Eric’s wedding. Jay is a groomsmen and I'm so happy Jay gets to be part of such a fantastic love story. We’re excited for Eric and can’t wait to meet his bride, Christina!!! I stole this cute photo of them from their wedding website. They seem so happy and I can't wait to be part of their party!
I also can’t wait to see Sonoma and take in some of this scenery…
And I can’t wait to drink a lot of this….
And I hope I get to see some grapes on a vine. Not sure what season the grapes "bloom" or if that's what you call it when there's grapes on the vine, but either way, I'm pretty excited about it.
We can’t wait to get there!

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