Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Suitcase...

and I have become quite good friends. I love my suite case. I got this one right before my first trip aboard, when I went to London. And we’ve been good pals ever since. We've been pretty busy this summer.

I thought my suitcase looked quite distinguished this morning while waiting for the metro. The morning light was pretty strong today. So I snapped a photo. A nice little portrait of my traveling buddy. He looks strong and proud, right? I do realize my suitecase has now been referred to as a person. And I think that's OK. I think I'll name him Eddie. A solid name, chosen after his creater, Eddie Bauer. Maybe Eddie can start a journal? Maybe.

And later today, along with Jay (my other favorite traveling companion) we’re headed to Sonoma. Woo hoo!

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