Friday, October 14, 2011


So I realize the blog has been a bit heavy with wedding content. My apologies, but it’s kind of tough to get off the topic. As of today, were getting married in 157 days! Crazy if you ask me. But I’m getting excited and there’s lots of planning left to do. Due to the wedding planning, our home improvements, which I use to blog about, have slowed down quite a bit. But hopefully soon, we will get back to work on our home. We did buy new a over head light for the kitchen. Maybe we can get that installed this weekend.  And I promise that when we get back into our house work, I’ll be sure to put up our before and after photos and our stories of triumph over such things as electrical wiring and IKEA instructions.

But in the meantime, this is where we are. I get daily emails about things like this:
There is so much wedding "crap" out there. I got this in an advertisement this morning. First of all, they got our date wrong. We're getting married March 24, 2012. And not sure we’re going the whole “our names on napkins” route, but it is kind of cool seeing our name on stuff.

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