Monday, June 20, 2011

What a talent!

It was inspiring to be at the US Open. Rory McIlroy is seriously phenomenal. Watching him, and the other golfers makes me wish that I was really great at something.  Wow. I also loved all the GOLF stuff. The shirts, the hats, the shoes, the bags. Maybe it’s just accoutrements I love, but I love all the stuff that surrounds the sport. Country clubs and straw hats aren’t bad either. At the “Merchandise Pavilion”, which was as large as a Target, Jay and I got this poster. The sweet thing was that when we got there the artist was signing the posters. Lee Wybranski signed ours and said “To Jay and Gudrun, enjoy the open!”. Excited about our memorabilia. We also got some hats.
We also got our picture taken with the US Open Trophy in the Lexus tent. We actually got two pictures taken, but the Lexus website isn’t letting me download the second one. And naturally, I like the second better! Ugh, super frustrating. As vindication, I’ve decided not  to buy a Lexus. See what you did Lexus. Lost a customer, after all that advertising. Too bad. You’ll miss me and my  $20 bucks. But if I do somehow get a hold of the second photo, you know I’ll post it! And then maybe I'll rethink my opinion of Lexus... :)
And later, the trophy celebrated with Rory McIlroy. You can tell he’s Irish. And 22. He tweeted this photo later in the night after his victory. McIlroy strikes me as a super talented, really genuine person. And totally not afraid of who he is. Looking forward to watching his career. Hopefully he doesn’t end up like Tiger. Tiger is so disappointing. I’ll cross my fingers that Rory can stay grounded.
What a great day. So grateful I got to go.
Congrats, Rory! We had a wonderful time watching you dominate!

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