Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bathroom Update

We successfully painted the bathroom! Phew. One more thing off the to-do list. However, the to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking. Anyway, we painted the walls a light mint green. And we also had to repaint the ceiling. The entire bathroom, ceiling included, was painted a pink/flesh color. Gross. So the ceiling is a now a normal white and the walls are minty fresh. I'll update with photos of the actual bathroom soon. But for now, here's the color we used:
We also replaced the mirror in the bathroom. The old mirror covered the entire wall above the sink. Wall to wall. Ceiling to sink. It was a bit much. We bought a black framed mirror at Target. Pretty basic. I do wish it was a bit larger….I think I’ll keep my eye open for another mirror; although the one we have now works. Here it is, but we turned it the other way so it covers more of the wall:
After this purchase, a theme began to form: mint green, black and white. Since the mint green is so light and is quite a statement on its own, we are going to do black and white accessories to let the walls speak for themselves. After endlessly searching the internet for cute hand towels, I finally found sound some at Pottery Barn Teen (is it strange I like these off a teen website?). There are some seriously awful hand towels out there. So here they are, we ordered the black and white ones:
And we needed to find some extra storage in the bathroom. Our counter top has one sink but is a large enough counter space for two. Where you would think the second sink would be there is just empty counter space. Below that part of the counter there is a hole. No cabinet, no nothing. It’s just empty space. So we got this basket with a sweet gift card from our friends Joan & Artie from the container store:
We’ve decided that’s where we’ll keep our extra towels. I’ve been rolling the towels and it looks quite cute! But all the photos off google images won't give you the best picture. It just gives you an idea. Like I said, I'll get some real photos up soon...some awesome before and after pics. Whoop.

PS -
I've spoted these door knobs at World Market. We're thinking of painting our cabinet(s) white in the bathroom. Currently they're just wood looking. And I was thinking of adding these cute knobs...what do you think? (there's a little mint green on the knob, hard to see in the above photo). Or do you like these better?
Hmmm. Or neither? Decisions, decisions.


  1. Cute! I'm excited to see the before & after photos. Love the towels especially. I have to say that I think the second knobs look more "Gudrun" & I think I like them better than the first. Both are cute, though :)

  2. Yes - I am leaning towards the second one too. Still haven't decided. And hoping that the cute door knobs motivate me to paint the cabinets.