Friday, April 22, 2011

A special guest Blogger! Already!

So last night over shared fajitas (yum), I discussed my newly developed blog with Jay to make sure he was cool with me blogging my thoughts to friends. Turns out he's cool with it. He then said two things that were a little surprising. First, he said “I think it’s better than facebook. I’d rather read your blog than that.” That wasn't the surprising part. It's no secret. Jay is not the greatest fan of facebook.  What surpised me was what he said next. He actaully asked “Well, can I write on it?”! I thought, cool. Then I said, “Yeah!”. I told him it would be nice if he would pick a day and that would be his day to contribute. So he said “Cool” and commenced to pick Fridays as his day to add his thoughts. I think he picked Fridays, because the lucky dog gets every other Friday off. A definite perk to working for the government.  Warning: I gave him free reign, so this could get interesting! So starting next Friday look for posts from Jay about who knows what. I can guess there may be some Nebraska football posts, handy-man job reports, or general posts about things he is annoyed or excited about. I can’t wait to see these myself!

I found this photo, and for some reason it reminded me of Jay. Maybe because I make fun his sofa sometimes? Not that there’s anything wrong with his sofa, really there’s not. But let’s just say you wouldn’t see it pictured here ever:

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