Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blog Begins

It seems that all things should start with purpose. The purpose of this blog is to share the things I find that make my life worthwhile, happy, artful and exciting! Warning: if you don’t like positivism or happiness, you may want to stop reading here.  Here’s the short list of where I am in my life: First of all, I just got engaged to the most wonderful man who I couldn’t love more! That’s pretty awesome, I could stop there. And we are very excited to spend our life together. We are also very thrilled about our new condo! Our life together is starting with our first home. Currently, we are in the middle of painting, remodeling, and decorating. A fun adventure for me and Jay. I’m lucky that this is a project we are actually doing together, and having fun doing (most of the time)! From 9-5, Monday through Friday, I work in law firm. A great law firm and feel very fulfilled by my job, but my passion lies outside the law firm environment and is in more creative endeavors. So this condo is the perfect place to let my inner artist out! And to top it all off, I have an amazing assortment of friends who are all remarkable in their own ways and I have a family that’s loving, interested, and involved!

So, that’s mostly what you’ll see here. Blogs about Jay and me and our adventures together. Blogs about the condo and the decorating projects! They’ve already started so look for some before and after photos soon. And there may be a smattering of wedding planning on here. We’ll see.

That’s it! Welcome to my blog!

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