Friday, November 18, 2011

A couple things I'm looking forward to

Sorry for the lack of posts. Life is has been incredibly busy lately! But I wanted to share a few things I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks. First up is Thanksigivng in Nebraska with Jay's family. But let me also say, I'm going to miss my family while I'm there!!! This is my first thanksgiving away from home and it's going to be quite a trip for me.
I’ve never been to the Midwest before. I’ve visited Minnesota and Illinois but never been to the real middle of our country. I’m looking forward to seeing Nebraska, after having heard so much about it. Also excited to see a football game.
I’m also looking forward to meeting Jay’s grandmother. I am so blessed to have the world’s best grandmothers. I really appreciate all that grandmothers bring to the world. I love my Nanny and Tulla!!!
I have to move on to the other things I'm looking forward to or I’m going to sit here and cry and think about my family too much. So... I’m also looking forward to the holiday movie selection out in theaters. The last movie I went to was sometime this summer. The top of the list?  Twilight, duh.
And after all these things happen, then it will be time to start looking forward to Christmas. This is going to be a very special and merry holiday season!
Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season!

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